Sweet Bunches

The Perfect Snack for Schools

Healthy Food-to-Schools Program

Using its extensive knowledge and experience, last year Horizon Marketing dedicated a lot of its energy to planning and developing a strategy to consolidate a new market to supply fresh fruit to schoolchildren.

As you well know, schools have been interested in offering nutritious food to their students for a long time, and parents have been pushing hard on this topic. Horizon has proactively responded to this request in a very favorable and positive manner.

Making Healthy Choices

The idea is to have the students in an after-school program where they will be motivated to participate in sports activities and learn about the best ways to feed themselves while improving their academic skills.

This pilot program is being successfully introduced into other schools in the Tulare County community. The snack that Horizon is offering students is a 2.5-ounce bag of fresh grapes and apple slices. The product is gluten free with no sugar added, and it comes in boxes of
100 bags each with an 18-day shelf life.

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